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The NetZeroLabs dapp was designed for demonstration purposes. Most of the information/data was taken from publicly available 3rd party sources. We have to the best of our ability given credit to the providers of our data, formulations and calculations for crypto CO2-equivalent (CO2e) emissions.


Version Major Milestone(s)
v1.0 (Demo) Live Demo ✅
L1 Emissions Tracker (Overview) ✅
L1 Emissions Tracker + CC’s (Individual) ✅
V1.1 (Demo) On-Chain Carbon Credits Tracker [IN PROGRESS]
v2.1 Daily Data (Tx, tCO2e, etc…)
Total Network tCO2e where available (not just for Tx)
Pilot(s) for Operational Emissions Data
v2 Live Real-Time Data
On-Chain Implementation

Emissions Calculations

Assumption: Carbon Intensity: 475g CO2e/kWh = 0.000507063 tCO2e

Chain Emissions Factor (tCO2 per Tx ) Methodology Material Data
Bitcoin 0.844094886 - https://digiconomist.net/bitcoin-energy-consumption https://www.blockchain.com/explorer/charts/n-transactions
Ethereum 0.00002662087 (Pre)
0.00000210546 (Post) - https://carbon-ratings.com/dl/eth-report-2022

Carbon Credits Reporting

*MOSS.earth & C3.app data are currently not available on the platform

Provider Type Data
https://toucan.earth/ Verra Bridge https://polygonscan.com/token/0x2f800db0fdb5223b3c3f354886d907a671414a7f
https://www.flowcarbon.com/ Verra Bridge https://docs.flowcarbon.com/developers/project-api
MOSS.earth https://mco2token.moss.earth/ https://etherscan.io/token/0xfc98e825a2264d890f9a1e68ed50e1526abccacd
Verra Registries (https://registry.verra.org/mymodule/rpt/myRpt.asp?r=205&idSubAccount=9464,https://registry.verra.org/mymodule/rpt/myRpt.asp?r=205&idSubAccount=10246, https://registry.verra.org/mymodule/rpt/myRpt.asp?r=205&idSubAccount=10003)
C3.app Verra Bridge
Gold Standard
https://docs.c3.app/c3-pool-specifications-and-carbon-methodologies/ubo (https://carbon.klimadao.finance/UBO)
https://docs.c3.app/c3-pool-specifications-and-carbon-methodologies/nbo (https://carbon.klimadao.finance/NBO)

Methodology Resources

Carbon.FYI Methodology



Carbon Plan “Zombies on the blockchain”

Verra Methodology Codes